01 November 2012

Running Faster on the Climate Treadmill

The Newsweek cover above comes from January, 1996. The Bloomberg Businessweek cover is current.

Efforts to motivate change in energy policy based on linking disasters to human-caused climate change have a long history. How has that worked out?

This time, surely, is different, right?


  1. Did you see http://klimazwiebel.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/the-perfect-spin.html

  2. "How has that worked out?"

    Not to defend calling people stupid is an effective strategy (except to perhaps sell media) - but what are you hoping to have worked out, Roger, and to what do you attribute the reasons for failure?

  3. Overpopulation (attributed to total numbers rather than density and resource availability), global warming (meaningless and arguably fraudulent metric; attributed to carbon dioxide and little else), ...

    The first was mitigated through promotion of voluntary (e.g. abortion) and involuntary (e.g. eugenics) generational suicide schemes. The second through voluntary (e.g. carbon credit trading) and involuntary (e.g. taxation) redistribution schemes and promotion of low-density energy production schemes which cannot be reasonably isolated from the environment.

    What's the next predicted catastrophe and what opportunistic behavior will it engender?

  4. For me, the definitive intellectual statements on AGW have come from

    1) Homer Simpson has only won a single argument in his entire life. It was against the supreme icon of American feminism, his daughter Lisa. It was about global warming.

    2) South Park ridiculed Al Gore and his pathetic nonsense in the ManBearPig episode. Gore's nemesis is half man, half bear and half pig. Like Gore himself.


  5. Michael Bloomberg's attempting to pin Sandy on climate change is an exercise in damage mitigation...political damage to Michael Bloomberg.

    This was a weather event that has been forecast for decades. Sooner or later a big storm was going to force a storm surge up into New York Harbor. New York did nothing to prepare for the eventuality. Whatever effect climate change had on it was minimal.

    But if you blame climate change, you're not blaming the Mayor of New York.

  6. I have an idea. Let's put up two magazine covers and an insinuation without explanation that it actually means something about the state of the art with regard to understanding the causes of extreme events.

  7. -6-Jim Bouldin

    Thanks for stopping by, I haven't heard any snide comments from you guys at Real Climate for quite a while ;-)

    I've written a lot of extreme events, and my views/research/opinions are no secret. But if you have any questions just fire away.


  8. Jim Bouldin, an ecologist at UC-Davis and blogger at Real Climate, absolutely blows a seam because someone linked to this post:


    My advice to Jim -- try the decaf ;-)

  9. Thanks for the link, appreciate it Roger.