13 January 2012

Friday's Links and Music Video

Too few hours and too much interesting. Below are a few items worth noting that I did not get to this week, and above is a music video for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Excellent, just what I got time to read before meeting up with a friend for Friday drinks. Have a nice weekend all.

  2. Roger -

    The Environment and Energy link didn't work for me.

    As for the FDA article - here is a much better link:


    I would add, however, that I don't think that FDA/conflict of interest problems are fairly characterized as Obama administration difficulties. Not to say that it shouldn't be doing a better job than it's doing.

  3. Dear Driveway,

    I know you're full of snow right now and need to be cleared, I get that. Unfortunately, this process will be postponed indefinitely as I eat snacks and read interesting articles. Apologies.


  4. Roger -

    Don't know if you've seen this. I thought it was pretty topical - from the Boston Consulting Group:


    Made in America, Again:
    Why Manufacturing Will Return to the U.S.



  5. .

    The Davis piece on the labor force is a bit misleading. The graph shows an actual decline rather than zero growth. In addition by using raw head count it ignores the growth in population.

    Under this administertion workforce participation has declined from 66% to 64%. That number of potentially productive hands being idle means less wealth produced and a less wealthy society.

    Squandering resources on crony capitalist schemes like Solyndra besides being a waste means those resources are not available for creating actual wealth producing jobs.


  6. Awesome music, that band will go far. Thanks.