07 September 2011

The Iron Law in Action Down Under

The image above is a screen grab from the website of the Australian government promoting it's proposed carbon tax. It clearly shows that the government is promoting the carbon tax in terms of economics and wealth distribution.  You could not find a better illustration of the iron law of climate policy.  (For those new to the idea, you might have a look at this excerpt from The Climate Fix.)

(Thanks BB)


  1. I went over to the Australian Government web site and read this:

    "A carbon price changes this. It puts a price on the carbon pollution that Australia’s largest polluters produce. This creates a powerful incentive for all businesses to cut their pollution, by investing in clean technology or finding more efficient ways of operating."

    and under "Q. We are a regular Australian family—how will we be supported?" it says:

    "A family earning an income of around $100,000 who has two teenagers is expected to face an average cost of living impact of $653 per year. This family will receive assistance of about $679 per year made up of approximately $73 extra in payments and $606 in tax cuts, which means they are $26 better off."

    So won't the "carbon polluter" remain competitive without reducing emissions because all his customers now have more money to spend on his products and all his competitors are affected the same way he is?

    Clearly, I'm not an economist.

  2. If the alleged benefits are equal to the cost, it is totally bogus.
    The website is insulting to the intelligence and ethics of any people who value freedom and liberty.
    No wonder the current Australian govt. is in deep trouble.