08 June 2011

Excellence in Global Governance

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has announced a "council of wisdom" to advise the organization on reform.  The wise men are Henry Kissinger, the 88-year old grand statesman of international politics, Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff and former opera singer Plácido Domingo (all pictured above).

My new paper is titled "Can FIFA be Held Accountable?" and is almost drafted and ready to share. Though I wonder if I can finish it before Blatter really destroys the place. I'd bet on me, but it might be close.


  1. At the end of the article it is made clear that the intent is for these elders to represent the lipstick needed to make the pig look attractive.

  2. Papa Zu:

    I don't think the entire revenues of Qatar could buy enough lipstick to pretty up this particular pig.

  3. Ridiculous, Kissinger may have some relevant experience — he advised the International Olympic Committee after the Salt Lake City corruption scandal as part of a reform panel — but Johan Cruyff was/is a great player/manager but has no relevant experience, that I have heard of, in this regard and Placido Domingo was/is a great singer but him being a football fan hardly qualifies him for this.

  4. Cruyff, while a fine footballer and manager, is also famous for being illiterate in more languages than almost anyone else alive or dead, including, I am told, Dutch.

    They should let him write the report. FIFA will then have a five-year breather while people figure out what it says.

  5. This article described what Gerard Harbison refers to in his comment above.

    I think it's a good thing that the council includes at least one (former) football player. And football players don't come any more outspoken and independent (some would say obnoxious) than Johan Cruijff. That he tends to be outspoken in ways that violate various fundamental linguistic principles all at once and in several languages at the same time shouldn't disqualify him, I would think.