25 May 2011

Word Cloud of President Obama's Speech to UK Parliament

Full text here.
The Guardian does a similar analysis and compares the text to speeches to the UK Parliament by Presidents Clinton (1995) and Reagan (1982):


  1. They burned Reagan in effigy, and he did more for Europe than any American president since Truman. Then again, the same crowd burned Thatcher in effigy, and she did more for the UK than any PM since Churchill.

  2. Freedom and democracy are so much bigger in Reagan's cloud. And I don't see 'states' and 'nations' at all.

  3. Obama's actions speak much louder than his empty rhetoric. Both at home and abroad.

  4. Obama . . .

    Never in the field of human politics have so many words, so eloquently delivered, conveyed so little actual meaning to so many.

    Sorry Winston . . . but he is on your turf.

  5. Not that word cloud analysis tells you much, but it is interesting to note that "united" and "nations" trend up in frequency to the current speech as "freedom" and "democracy" become less emphasized.