10 March 2011

The Other Iron Law: Tackle a Streaker, Get Booked

This hilarious video clip is making the rounds today. Funny thing is, it has happened several times before.

In Russia . . .

And in Greece ...


  1. He wasn't just booked, he was sent off. And, strictly speaking, it was the correct decision. Violent conduct isn't just restricted to an offence against another player. Still a ridiculous decision though.

  2. Given the big issue in Australia is her carbon tax, and the US is getting one from the EPA by stealth, I thought "climate", "carbon" and "warming" might be in the word cloud.

    Perhaps the wise ones don't need to talk about things that might confuse the ignorant masses.

  3. That's really pretty unfair. :)

  4. Hmmm, technically speaking I guess only the first guy really qualify as a "proper streaker” ;o) but yes, there seems to be a pattern and a lesson to be learned here. I wonder what the “life” iron law of this would be?
    Btw Roger, the Arsenal player is called Nicklas Bendtner (I know you are a stickler for getting the details right :o)

  5. -4-Hannah

    Thanks for the correction, always welcome. Here in Boulder "proper streakers" have been known to be booked as sex offenders (seriously) so perhaps best to be prudent in such things ;-)

  6. Roger, you can take a Dane out of Denmark but you can’t take being Danish out of a Dane……;o) I reckon about half of the Danish population would get booked for lack of “prudence” during the summer……