23 September 2010

From the Comments: Werner Krauss on Democracy

In the comments responding to my post about German politics and energy policies, Werner Krauss provided this eloquent comment on the virtues of democracy:
Energy plans are colliding with cultural realities. Nothing new. You need a lot of nerves in democratic processes. We are so used to analyze the world in left - right / green - brown / black & blue, or whatever: in reality it doesn't work all the time. There is a permanent transformation going on which ridicules many analysts. Social democrats, conservatives, greens have to permanently reinvent themselves. Sure, it is dangerous and discomforting when normal compasses don't work (and populists come up and fill the gap). But democracy needs trust, especially in times of profound energy transformations. Angela Merkel does her deal with the nuclear lobby; the protest movement will challenge her. It's a good thing: there is a lot at stake, and its a form of negotiating in public.

1 comment:

  1. This isn't a transformation, it's a crime scene.

    Democracy is being put unders strain by the biggest corporate scam in human history, carbon trading. Arguably the greatest scientist who ever lived, James Hansen of NASA, the Moses of warming says it's an oil and banking swindle.

    Having praised Dr Hansen for agreeing with me, we profoundly differ on the science.

    "Physics is the only real science. The rest are just pine cone collecting."

    Ernest Rutherford

    Ask a physicist about global warming, not a pine cone collector with a dubious record.