31 August 2010

Spot-Fixing Doesn't Happen in Football, Does it?

The spot-fixing scandal in Pakistan's cricket team has displaced the floods as a top news story (below).  Surely this sort of thing wouldn't happen in English top league football?  Guess again.


  1. Talk about strange things. We started our season on Sunday. We got off to an inauspicious start. Within 10 minutes we had 2 red cards! That wasn't the strangest thing - we got them because two of our players decided to have a fight with one another!! To top it off, this is an over-60 league!
    I will now have to check to see if there was some betting taking place.

  2. -1-Bernie

    Over 60? Very cool. I'm still looking for an over-40 league to eliminate those speedy 20-somethings ;-)

  3. Incredible story about the Le Tissier genius. Reminds me of the bad boy entertainers. Gazza, Best, Marsh, Bowles atc.

    By an amazing coincidence, I played against two 18 year old professionals and a 45 year old ex professional in the same week (in three seperate games), when I was over 40. Five a side.

    In one of the games, I was out of my depth. Not just the professional, all of them were noticably better than me, and would have been if I had been 18.

    It's good to know your limits. I could have stopped playing thinking I was better than I was. I can't play any more because both ankle ligaments are gone, permanently.

  4. Here in Eastern Mass we may not have any mountains but we do have the Over the Hill Soccer League (www.othsl.org). Currently there are 102 Over-40 teams in 17 divisions at six levels!! There are also 54 Over-50 teams and 12 Over-60 teams!

  5. bernie

    Very impressive. I doubt if there is anything anywhere near as big as that in Scotland.

  6. Population of Eastern Mass is roughly 3 million. Most of the teams have an ethnic core - Italian, Greek, Portugese, Brazilian. Ours by chance is Anglo-Scottish!