17 August 2010

Original Source Wanted

[UPDATED: Vinny Burgoo comes through with the source, see the image below.  I will use this data as the basis for an EPL season-long prediction contest later this week.  You get a head start on the naive forecast because the season has started!  Stay tuned . . . and thanks Vinny!]

Yesterday's New York Times had an article about the English Premier League and included this interesting tidbit:
One British newspaper on Sunday published a list from top to bottom of the value of the 11 players each team started as the new season kicked off.

Manchester City and Chelsea, each with teams that cost more than $235 million in transfer fees, were at the top of the list. West Bromwich, which spent $21 million, was second to last. Blackpool was rock bottom.
The original source for this is here, and you can see the data below.


  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1303221/Blackpool-money-youve-spent.html

  2. Well done finding the link. Also need salary table since certain clubs also develop their own talent. Capital costs +operational costs.

  3. Another naive forecast might be to value the starting line-ups using http://fantasyfootball.telegraph.co.uk/select-team/ for example?

    This doesn't give accurate absolute values but might give decent relative values, and won't have, say, Scholes in at zero.

    I'm not entirely convinced - Rooney is £6.9m versus Crouch at £6m. Hmmmm.

    Spurs starting line-up was £48.8m on Telegraph basis.

    Someone else can check Chelsea or Man United.

  4. Wages are probably a more accurate measure, however neither account for buying a dud. How much would they sell for now ?

    Martin O'Neill's departure was apparently down to a difference of opinion about the total wage bill.

    The enormous salaries (€33m a year for Messi) say a lot about the distribution of human abilities. I would play for half that and buy my own strip.

  5. £6m p.a. for Crouch. Good grief. What is that say about fools and their money?

  6. Sir Alex Ferguson critical of 'kamikaze' spending


    He talks about developing young players as the best approach. It has been very successful for him, but I think it falls short of the very top in Europe and the premier league these days.

    1998/9 treble winning squad


  7. I heard that Arsenal spent only 6million pounds in transfers this offseason. This is a remarkable feet, if true.