17 August 2010

Free Preview of The Climate Fix

Amazon.com via its "Click to LOOK INSIDE" has the first two chapters of The Climate Fix (50 pages plus!) available for a free preview here.  Have a look and let me know what you think!


  1. The graphs use solid colours that do not always render unambiguously in electronic monochrome. The graph at the top of page 50 is a representative example.

  2. Another comment on graphs - have you ever read The Visual Display of Quantitative Information? Some of the graphs are displaying very little information - page 12 (Mauna Loa CO2 concentration) has very little visible change over the scale of the Y axis. I would suggest that you either use an intersect other than zero or to use a percentage or something.

  3. -2-Ignignot

    Thanks ... That graph is zero-based by design! ;-)

  4. Read through most of what's available at Amazon. Looks pretty good so far.

  5. It looks great, I will buy a copy and will recommend to friends on the strength of the first 50 pages

    A few of the first 50 pages are not there, for instance page 34 is missing - it would be useful to have it since it is part of the summary of chapter one, to promote your book to others

    I wonder if you could give me an existing reference (so I don't have to read all your papers - due to lack of time) to your argument that revenue for increased R&D into energy alternatives (and whatever else you are advocating) should come from a not very high carbon tax rather than out of general taxation.

  6. -5-Bill Kerr

    Thanks much!

    On a low carbon tax to finance innovation, see Green and Galiana:


    and in capsule form here:


    You could also read our Hartwell Paper: