17 August 2010

Focus of Attention

The interesting software at WordItOut allows you to take a text or a webpage and create a word cloud showing the frequency of use of certain words in that text.  (Though it is not clear to me how much text from a website is used.) 
This sort of analysis can be useful.  For instance, the Sydney Morning Herald made a word cloud from Julia Gillard's recent speech (seen above), discovering her focus to be on "friends" who "want" "work" -- climate did not appear in the cloud.

The word cloud below shows the focus of attention for this blog, just as an example, selecting words of 6 letters or more.  Just for fun I made word clouds for a few other climate-related blogs (but not posted here) -- some interesting results!

Focus of Attention of http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com

Word cloud made with WordItOut


Gerard Harbison said...

What, no soccer?

Roger Pielke, Jr. said...


Indeed. Suggests that the text it draws on is fairly recent.

jstults said...

The site says they use the syndication feed; which only has the latest content.

TSL said...

Somebody had to do it:

Jason S said...

#4, I'm surprised that your "had to do it" cloud was RC and not CP


casey451 said...

Can't stand to go there anymore, but a few months ago, Climate Progress would have been denier denier denier denier denier denier denier denier, etc.

SBVOR said...

The Wikio website analyzes words on my blog and then uses that analysis to describe what portion of my blog is supposedly devoted to which topics.

That site notes that the phrase "hockey stick" appears rather often and thereby concludes that a substantial portion of my blog (currently over 10%) is devoted to "Sports".

In truth, I don't think there is a single post on my blog devoted to sports. And, the only "hockey stick" I describe is the laughable one invented by Michael Mann.

I guess there are a few kinks to work out in the technology. ;-)

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