23 June 2010

Win and In


  1. Another goal called back. Amazing.

  2. Is this one of those things where we are supposed to vote who is cuter? I vote for the guy on the left.


  4. These guys are going to shorten my lifespan by five years.

    Great to see Landon get the goal, though. He started it and then finished it off. Hard to believe he can run like that after 91 minutes. I was going to say "especially given his age" but I see he's only 28. It just seems like he's been around forever.

    The US wins its group and France goes home in abject, humiliating shame. What a great tournament so far!

  5. Now that France has lost for the last time possible, I've lost all interest. Do you think they could be sent to the next round, so they could lose some more?

  6. Lucia #2

    LOL... Roger, please replay Rooney's pic with Steve Gerrard's and ask Lucia to vote again :)

    USA!!! USA!!!

  7. Well done USA!!

    Congrats also to England for finishing 2nd in the group!

    How fun it is to write that ;-)

  8. Some of us are just grateful to have got through!

  9. gt--
    Ok. I googled. The guy on the right seems to be this Rooney fellow. He has a nice bod, but his face is nothing to write home about. Not terrible-- but not exactly Pierce Brosnan or Brad Pitt, if you know what I mean.

    Is the guy on the left Steve Gerrard? He doesn't look like online pictures I found of Steve Gerrard. Pictures of Steve Gerrard suggest his face is also not in the Brosnan / Pitt league either.

    Yes. This is how I evaluate sports figures. I decides which of the guys is cute and which aren't. Other than hoping a Chicago team gets into the playoffs in any sport at all, I mostly don't care about who wins in any sport.

  10. Lucia, the guy on the left is Donovan, usa attacker. The guy on the right is Rooney. Rooney is top player, while Donovan is a curious wannabe.

    Congrats to both teams. Hope they play good football for my appreciation.

  11. Lucia (#9), my comment (#6) was not intended to be mocking or denigrating, so I hope it didn't come across that way. It's just a random comment while I was still enjoying the great victory by the US team, so please don't take it too seriously. Which btw, I lived near Chicago a few years ago, so I also follow their sports. I still remember the wild celebration in my neighborhood after the Sox won the World Series in 2005. Too bad I wasn't there this year for the Blackhawks.

  12. Barba (#10) I am not too sure about that... so far in the Cup:

    Donovan 2 goals in 3 games
    Rooney 0 goals in 3 games

  13. This is a perfect result for members of the Anyone But England Club. Germany in the next round. Bring it on !

    I genuinely don't care who wins the world cup, but the English football media are scary. If they won, life would be unbearable (and I don't have a TV or radio).

    That is the real reason for

    Anyone But England

    When Dunblane-born Andy Murray, now Britain's tennis number one, said that he would be supporting anyone other than England in the 2006 World Cup, he faced a furious backlash from English Wimbledon fans who wondered why they, in turn, should be expected to support him.


    Well done to the USA !!!

  14. "Barba (#10) I am not too sure about that... so far in the Cup"

    gt, no one in his sane state will compare two players by the goal counts of three games.

    Rooney will perhaps never even make a single goal in this tournament. He still kicks Donovan ass. (and I'm not a fan of him)

  15. Congrats to USA and good luck with with the though task up ahead in the game against the African Champions.

  16. and good luck to The Three Lions in their epic battle with the Huns.

  17. Lucia- thanks for providing context. I now find this much more interesting!

  18. A friend and I went with two women to see my local team playing against some of the world's greatest footballers, including Johan Cruyff and Ruud Gullit (Feyenoord).

    Traditionally, not many women went to football, to protect their delicate ears from colourful language. The situation was reversed when the Dutch ran on the pitch with their athletic physiques and tanned legs. They hadn't seen anything like that before !!

    A very young Gullit won the game almost single handed, and scored the only goal.

    An aside. When he retired, Gullit said that game was the worst racism he had experienced in his whole career, anywhere in the world.

  19. gt--
    I just thought you were trying to say the guy on the left was Steve Gerard, and/or that the guy on the left was not better looking than the guy on the right.

    I've now googled Donovan and seen several pictures. He is a cutey pie. I nominate him for Dancing with the Stars, where I hope to see him win the coveted disco ball trophy, like the very cute Helio Castroneves!

  20. After watching all three games for the US, and for England, here is a question:

    Who would you rather have on your team, Landon Donovan or Wayne Rooney?

    Who would you rather have on your team, Clint Dempsey or Wayne Rooney?

    Who would you rather have on your team, Joze Altidore or Wayne Rooney?

    You can tell from my questions than I have strong opinions about Wayne Rooney, in part because he didn't seem to be able to even trap a ball in the England - Algeria game without having a grateful Algerian disposes him.

  21. Tom G

    Wayne Rooney is a fabulous talent who seems to have left the fabulous part back in England.

  22. Wayne's usual nickname is Shrek... all you need know.

    Checkout his part in the hilarious Nike advert on youtube... and while you're there, observe the little football button they've added to the video player controls. I'm sure you can guess what happens when clicked.


  23. Roger, my son has been reading soccernomics and it sounds like a book you might like. Here is a taste suited for the England vs. USA debate in this thread.


  24. Maybe you should post a picture of a shirtless Renaldo for Lucia. Nevermind I will. Here Lucia this is for you.


  25. nanodots-- Very cute! If all the soccer players looked like that and played without shirts on, I'd probably watch!

  26. Speaking of shirts off here's a pic of Bill, Bocanegra and Budweiser: http://deadspin.com/5572041/