26 June 2010

Putting the World in the Cup

Today's NYT has this interesting graphic which shows the globalization of the World Cup, in terms of the teams that are represented.


  1. Bad luck USA, good game tho.

  2. This is weather, not climate. The combination in South Africa of a light ball, hard ground and high altitude favours the lighter, defter players (Asia, South America) and hampers the heavier, robust-style players (Europe, Africa).

    For similar reasons, it heavily favours younger teams over older ones (like France and Italy)

  3. We can now extrapolate the NYT graph to the time where there are 8 teams left , its 100% certain that there will be 3 European an 2 South American and 1 African teams in the group, the 2 final places could both go to S-America(Argentina + Paraguy) ,or to Asia (Japan ) and Central-America (Mexico) or a diffrent combination of those two.
    My personal bet is that Argentina and Japan will go forward , so at that stage you could perhaps say that the two of the new kids on the block each got a foot in , and the rest is evenly distributed between the two old empires which so far are tied 9 - 9 on the previous 18 Champion titles ( though if you also the count the two pre-FIFA competitions S-Africa takes 1. place with two more titles for Uruguay).

    And the my most likely senario of the quarter finals lineup is something like

    Uruguay - Ghana
    (already in )

    Argentina - Germany
    (England and Mexico eliminated later today )

    Netherlands - Brazil
    ( Slovakia and Chile boarding the home bound planes tomorrow)

    Japan - Spain/Portugal ( unsure of outcome of Spain - Portugal joust , but Japan is my favorite bet against Paraguay next tuesday)

    And the survivors of that round would most likely include Brazil( by Eliminating the Dutch) , Argentina (sending Germany home) and Spain/Portugal( winner of that match sayning sayonara to Japan team ) , Uruguay/Ghana, (unsure how Uruguay Ghana would end.)

    And if that goes by my book , then Brazil will probably go through to the finals by winning against Ghana or Uruguay, and Argentina go on by winning against Spain or Portugal , so the championship would go to South America this time ,and if Argentina came out atop, what a sweet success it would be for the hand of God to return home with the trophy.

    But this of course is almost all speculation yet as it is sometimes said everything is possible in football(sorry Soccer ) , and should one of the European teams hang all the way into the finals my money is on the Dutch rather than Spain. Would be fun for them to get chance at a revenge for the defeat against Argentina of the latter's home turf in 1978.