10 February 2010

Another Report from the Ri

Above image from adibaker.com.

Amelia Gregory has provided another first hand account of the debate at the RI last Friday night. She does a nice job summarizing the event, and even provides some illustrations. We seem to have been graced with the presence of a number of very talented and thoughtful observers in the audience. Anyway, have a look.

UPDATE: Another report here.


  1. Now that was a very interesting take from the youth perspective - opinionated yet still open minded enough to acknowledge some valid points. Well done Amanda, thank you

  2. Her art's great.

    I could do without comments like the one about ClimateGate giving "all those climate change deniers out there a huge amount of grist for their petty little mill," though.

  3. Someone else confessing that its really all about reorganizing society and CO2 is just a useful peg to hang it on. Why didn't they all say that from the start? I've got sympathy with that idea. I'd start with getting rid of the crony capitalists currently foisting cap and trade on us and causing the flow of money from taxpayers to city bankers. We now all pass go and the banker takes 200 from us.

  4. I was amazed about the discussion of "not enough money". There's plenty in climate science- plenty more than for many other noble and worthwhile ventures, including other research. Maybe there could be an IPCC tax on all climate research funding.. say 5%? That would go for funding IPCC so they could afford to do all the fact and source checking and QA QC and neutrally assess the accuracy of predictive models..might be a better approach.

  5. My submission to Amelia's blog.


    I think many share your view:

    “But actually, I do believe that we need to completely reorder society – as I say, the problems we face are about so much more than stopping climate change.”

    AGW is just a tool to achieve your more fundamental goal to “completely reorder society”.