20 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

All my best for a Happy Thanksgiving to the readers and commenters on this blog! Posting will be light at best during the holiday week (until November 30), but please feel free to comment away (and please forgive any lags in clearing comments).


  1. Hope you enjoy your turkey & trimmings.

    Elsewhere in the world, people in your academic area area are getting set to consume plates of crow.

    Bishop Hill blog has a very succcinct summary of the events to date.

    Crow Stew, by Whistleblower. What a treat.

  2. Roger, if you are with your father, pls thank him for his years of honesty and real science.

    Thomas Fuller has a great piece that explains why. . .

    "Are there more serious consequences to what they've done? I think so, and I don't think we have far to look.

    Roger Pielke Sr. has had a long and distinguished research career, as associate professor at the University of Virginia, professor at Colorado State University, Duke and the University of Arizona, and has held a variety of responsible and interesting positions in and out of academia."

    rtr @ http://tinyurl.com/y9ogxqx

  3. Happy holidays Roger. Thanks for all your hard work. You deserve a rest.